The Cheapest Places in the US to Buy a Home Introduced

The current housing market is one that is geared towards buyers. However, there are still those locations that have homes that are going for high prices, despite the fact that this is a buyers market. The reason is that these homes in these locations are still in high demand and sellers are able to get more money for them since they know that people want them. On the other side, there are cities throughout the United States that are offering some of the lowest prices on homes that people are going to find anywhere.

For those that are willing to relocate or are just looking for a change of pace, this could be a great way for them to get an awesome deal on a home. One of these cities is Cleveland, Ohio. Through research that has been conducted it was found that the average house payment was actually two hundred dollars less than what people were paying for rent on average which was around $750 per month.

For those that are wanting to live in the lone star state, then they are going to have their pick of cities in Texas. San Antonio and Dallas are both showing home payments that are averaging around $800, which is better than some rent in other cities around the area. Austin is also on the list since the average home has dropped slightly, though the house payments are more than the other cities mentioned beforehand, most are willing to sacrifice this for living in the capital city.

Kokomo, Indiana is one of the areas that people are going to find cheap. Houses in this area are going for around $90,000 on average. This is much lower than the other areas that are around it. The reason for the cheap cost has to deal entirely with the average income in the area, which is some of the lowest that can be found anywhere and because of this many are flocking to the area.

The south cities of Tallahassee and those little cities in between are seeing the prices of their houses going for much lower than the average of other houses on the market. Once again the reason is that the average income is lower in these areas, which is affecting the average costs of homes.

Though the housing market is having a bit of struggles right now, the cheapest city to live in is still Anchorage, Alaska. This has been known for many years and it still has not changed. Not many people are wanting to move to the area, thus the low cost of homes as people are ready to move away. For those in the fishing industry, this could be one of the smartest moves that they ever made.

When considering finding a cheap home in a cheap city, the person needs to understand the reasons why the homes are going so cheap. And even if they are moving to a city in which is considered the place to be, be sure to consider the neighborhood and the cities around the area. You can always commute to work and save yourself thousands of dollars a year in doing so.